EN.601.220 Intermediate Programming - Fall 2020

Course Description: This course teaches intermediate to advanced programming, using C and C++. (Prior knowledge of these languages is not expected.) We will cover low-level programming techniques, as well as object-oriented class design, and the use of class libraries. Specific topics include pointers, dynamic memory allocation, polymorphism, overloading, inheritance, templates, collections, exceptions, and others as time permits. Students are expected to learn syntax and some language specific features independently. Course work involves significant programming projects in both languages.

Github is used to facilitate team collaborations as well as group and individual source code version conrol. Scaffolding/starter files of exercises, homeworks, and projects are shared via the course public repository. You may never share your private repository with anyone else.
Piazza is the main communication channel. If you have any questions or concerns, post on Piazza. You can do either public or private posts (annonymously if you want!). If others could potentially benefit from your question, consider making it public. Never send your homework/project solution code in a public post.
Gradescope is used for assignment submission and handling. You make all your submissions on Gradescope and recieve feedback and your work in there. Regade requests can be made and are processed on Gradescope as well. You get an invitation to the course Gradescope in the first week.